Consulting | Investing

Meridian consultants advise and represent a wide variety of clients in various industries. Our industry knowledge, and extensive network of relationships benefit our clientele involved in divestures, acquisitions and capital allocations. Our consultants also help to source working capital to converge with our clients’ companies’ needs. Meridian has a keen understanding of challenging issues facing energy markets, public/private partnerships, private capital placements, and maximizing the value of unique assets.

Our core values sculpt the character of our company. Meridian firmly believes in:

  • • Creating monetary and/or intrinsic value for our clients
  • • Forming trust with our clients through open and honest dialogue
  • • Dedication to meeting goals set by our clients and fulfilling expectations

Meridian will employ our talents and capabilities to align our client’s unique business sector necessities with the appropriate strategies and relationships required to reach our client’s objectives.

Meridian private capital placements are made in assets and/or equity investments in industries that have the potential to achieve significant profitability and value within 5 years. Our criteria will vary across each industry segment. Our capital placements are analyzed on a case-by-case basis and are heavily dependent upon strong fundamentals, great management teams, and the ability to synergize with other Meridian private allocations.

The key to every investment is value creation. Meridian is steadfast in its conviction that value is created through:

  • • The deployment of appropriate short and long term strategies
  • • Introductions to our network of influential industry partners
  • • Support of management teams in each investment

Meridian encourages and pursues involvement with other capital partners during the growth of any equity investment. Our partners bring the additional capital and expertise that may be necessary depending on the target placement and industry sector.