Meridian is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our firm capitalizes on the many regional opportunities that our location provides. Over the last two decades, Pittsburgh has transformed itself into a medical, education, and technology driven center with the presence and support of our region’s prestigious universities and great public/private enterprises. Geographically, Western Pennsylvania is located in an area rich in an array of natural resources. Recently, the Pittsburgh region has become a focal point for the various natural gas and petroleum reserves that the Marcellus shale and Utica shale provide. Historically, the Western Pennsylvania region represents the locus of the Allegheny region, an area defined by its abundant coal reserves and extensive mining operations.

The Meridian team embraces the various opportunities present in our region through our consulting services, investment capabilities, and our strategic relationships. Meridian’s team will utilize and build upon our region’s plentiful resources with a global outlook and deploy both local and worldwide strategies to achieve our client’s goals and investment objectives.